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  1. Hi big smile, sorry, but the 1.9 Beta does‘nt solve my problem. Therefore I still use 1.8.
  2. The Problem exists not only on my macbook pro but on the new 1.9-Windowsversion too! I just updated my Windows-PC and again Affinty-Publisher hangs and "is not lresponding"
  3. Just updatet on Big-Sur 11.2.1, but my problem exist further. I can´t open Affinty-files, that were created with the older version of publisher. Publisher hangs and can only hardly be endet.
  4. i went to the serif-site with elder versions and istalled the 1.8.6xx parallel to the 1.9.xx
  5. I have tried a lot of things, nothing helps: Reduced the contents of my file and deleted nearly all of the pics etc in it. In my opinion the problem seems to be, that there is a conflict between affintiy and Mac´s Big-Sur (perhaps Memory-Handling) I hope, the problem ca be solved soon. Meanwhile i have to use the 1.8.-version.
  6. I can´t open affinity publisher ANYWAY. Publisher always tries to open my file and then it hangs (no response) and i have to start again (cmd+opt+ESQ) My opinion ist, publisher doesn´t like my pdf-files, that are embedded as all the pictures too. Version 1.8.xxx chrashed sometimes, when i tried to change embedded pdf-FIles. Hope my chrasreports helps you. chrashreport_affinity_publisher1.9.txt
  7. After updating my macbook pro with Big Sur lastest version from publisher 1.8.6.... the app freezes, when loading an existing file oder importing pictures. The "loading wheel" can be seen for more than half en hour. No action possible. The "Not responding app" must be canceled. Any idea, whats reason? credo (Sorry for my english, but I´am german)
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