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  1. Okay, funny, because this is a transition to another effect which is also in my personal schedule... :) Ciao Jack
  2. Salve Claudio, parlo soltanto un po di l'italiano... Una riflessione è uguale come un'ombra. Ho fatto un tutorial per fare 3 ombre in tedesco con titolare di sotto inglese. YouTube Tutorial La differenzia è: - fare una copia della selezione su un layer/livello nuovo "cmd & J" - prende la trasformazione alla sinistra e tirare giù o prende "selezione-specchiare 180° verticale" per esempio il resto è similare. Ciao Jack
  3. Hi TinPianoMan, this is a nice effect and I will make a tutorial about that in future. Depending upon the picture, it will be easy or difficult. The easy way (but not the best): You need a texture of your cracks. You're right. It it possible with the build-in brushes. There are several grunge brushes. Make your texture on a layer over your photo, which you want to be effected. Set the blend mode to something like "multiply". You can mask out unwanted areas. But for a complex result, you also need to enforce the cracks with curves, add shadows/contours with dodge & burn, displace to the object .... Perhaps this helps. Ciao Jack
  4. Hi rondawoolgar, when you click the mask icon, the mask is usually white. That means transparent. Nothing changes to the layer. If the mask is black, all is hidden under the mask. So, there are different possibilities to fill the mask with black. At first activate the mask (not the layer): - "cmd & I": for invert. That will be the fastest way - "layer - invert" - paint bucket tool, select black, fill with black Now all is hidden under the mask. To reveal areas, paint with a white mask on the mask. Ciao Jack
  5. Hi, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich einen dampfenden Gully-Deckel in einer dunklen Straße. Dabei wird Dampf erstellt. Die Methode bei Rauch wäre aber die gleiche. Es gibt viele Anwendungsmöglichkeiten, ganz nach Geschmack. Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß. Ihr könnt mir Eure Ergebnisse und Ideen gerne posten. Ciao Jack Hi, in this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you a steaming manhole cover in a dark street. I create steam, but the method for smoke would be the same.. There are many possibilities for the application, like you want. I wish you fun. You can post your results and ideas. Ciao Jack YouTube-Tutorial: Dampf / Rauch - steam / smoke https://youtu.be/lzHKy2TFhhM
  6. Hi Raymondo, I think, you're right. This method doesn't work well. But there are other methods. I provided a tutorial. Perhaps it helps or gives you another idea. YouTube-Tutorial: Light beams Ciao Jack
  7. Hello Lukenewman, I found a little article about using Astropad and Affinity Photo. (last chapter of the column). In german, but you can translate with an app or browser plugin. :rolleyes: Link to www.affinitytutorials.de Ciao Jack
  8. Hi Mr. K, actually no. Future: I don't know. Ciao Jack
  9. Hello Hugo, I know, what you mean. You are right. This would be a good feature. I tried to create DVD-covers. But I gave it up. There I need exact measurements. Ciao Jack
  10. Yes, but I didn't found a square shape for the already installed brushes. Perhaps, you need to install a brush (www.brusheezy.com) or others. Ciao Jack
  11. Additional announcement: This tutorial is a variation of color splash. I have some more ideas, embedding the color splash effect in a different matter in future. Thank for your comments, also via YouTube, Twitter and directly. Ciao Jack
  12. Hi lamayer, for a post, it's too much. There are many possibilities and there are depending on which photo you have and what action is to have. But it is a good idea for a tutorial. I think, I will produce one. But give me some weeks. Ciao Jack
  13. One more announcement to the topic "double exposure": Some of my followers had the wish of a tutorial with this effect. This effect offers many possibilities and methods. I decided to create one in a little different way. But I have ideas for the future. So I'll produce different kinds of using this popular effect. Ciao Jack
  14. Hi CarmenCo, thank you, generally: For all your likes and feedbacks. That makes me happy and I'm encouraged to produce more and more. If you have wishes: You can tell them! Ciao Jack
  15. Hi Jackamus, I don't find it for vectors, but for brushes: Click on the "brush tool" or press "B". The context menu bar appears. Click on "more". The brush setting window appears. Click on "dynamics". On the right of each parameter, you find a drop down menu, where you can choose "pressure". And nearby, you find the curves symbol. There you can choose the sensibility of the pressure. Perhaps it may help, when you make this shape as a selection to protect the outer edge, you can brush with a calm hand the inner stroke... Ciao Jack P.S.: Oh, sorry. You use AD....., my mistake
  16. Hi jlaval, you can customize that: 1) Tool Bar (on the left): view - customize tools That allows you to add tools, you want being in the tool bar 2) palettes & layers (on the right): view - Studio You can choose the palettes you want to be there, either with folders 3) context menu bar (on top): view - context menu (on/off) every time, when you choose a tool, there are special settings in the context 4) design & further settings: Affinity Photo - settings Here you can choose a lot of settings. The font, the size, the color, shortcuts .... Try it to find out. Ciao Jack
  17. Hi, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man Schatten erstellt. Es geht um 3 Arten von Schatten: Schlagschatten, gemalter Schatten und realistischer Schatten auf dem Körper. Das ist meine Idee „Traum ein Superheld zu sein“. Viel Spaß Ciao Jack Hi, In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create shadows. Here, there are 3 kinds of shadows: drop shadow, drawn shadow and a realistic shadow on the body. This is my idea of „dreaming of being a super hero“. Ciao Jack YouTube: Schatten (English Subtitles)
  18. Hi Leigh, thank you very much. You make me sooooooooooo happy. :) :) :) I try to learn and to get better. Ciao Jack
  19. Hi Mikep, welcome in the community. The software has many possibilities. Also the user interface can be personalized. When you click something, the context menu changes. And so on... So, be calm. Try by clicking, and trying, watching tutorials and feel free to ask in this friendly forum. After a while, all appears in a logical sense. Ciao Jack
  20. Hi Lecira, I assume, the adjustment layer effects the wrong layer... Activate the layer (not the mask or something) you want to effect. Then click on "adjustment layers" - "HSL". You can shift the HSL-slider to effect. If you have several layers and you want only to effect one layer, drag the HSL-layer onto that layer. I hope, that is the solution. Ciao Jack
  21. Hi DHayton, I agree. That's the more professionell method. Masks are always better. Perfect. And also your effort with the video. We are a good team in the Affinity Community. :) Ciao Jack
  22. The HDR is on the roadmap. It will come definitively. Affinity Photo - announced updates :) Ciao Jack
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