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  1. Hi, Windows 10 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Hardware acceleration was active on default and the patch tool didn't work. When disabled, the patch tool works. I had 3 different issues with the patch tool: 1. When selecting the area and clicking away to confirm I get lines across the selection and some strange noise in the histogram. 2. When selecting the area and clicking away to confirm I get a black patch in place of the selection. 3. The patch tool works more like a hard stamp tool. I hope it's visible on the screens attached.
  2. @Leigh Neither. I use the full version I downloaded going to my serif account. I think I bought it at 1.8 (1.9 is not in beta anymore, is it?)
  3. Yes, this works. I uninstalled the MS Store version, downloaded one from Affinity and installed and now the sign-in works.
  4. Sorry for hijacking. I get the same error message. Yes, I bought it from Microsoft Store Version 12011.1001.1.0 RuntimeBroker Product version 10.0.19041.746 No 3rd party ani-virus, just MS's own Windows Security
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