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  1. Problem is solved. Worked with my IT guy and Symantec Antivirus was causing this problem for both Designer and Photo. It also was conflicting with features in other applications.
  2. I am experiencing issues with Designer and Photo. There are problems indicated in one of the logs. I took Designer and Photo off my machine and just reinstalled Designer. It will not open. Something is clearly broken. Happy to attach logs if someone still reads this thread.
  3. Boy, that Autotranslate part was not obvious to me. I do get English subtitles now. Thanks. I will have to work on this when I have more time. Those are a lot of instructions. Maybe my .NET Framework got munged somehow.
  4. I saw where the CC was originally, but as I stated, there were no options for me to change the subtitles to English.
  5. I could not find any subtitles for English and I don't speak German. But thanks for the link anyway. I have to look for another photo editor because this one no longer works for me. I am really bummed.
  6. Greetings, Today I tried to launch Affinity Photo and it will not open. It does not launch and does not appear in the Task Manager. I tried repairing the installation, and I uninstalled and reinstalled the application. It still will not open. I have no idea why it won't work. I first noticed an issue when I tried launching it via my FastStone Image Viewer, which has worked seamlessly for years. Then I tried launching it directly. In both cases, it will not launch. What could be the cause?
  7. In the previous version of Affinity Photo, when I exported and selected a format like jpeg, it saved to jpeg correctly. Now when I try to export, it wants to always export to Affinity's native format. Is there a setting I can change to get the old behavior? This should not work this way. I am using Version on a Windows 10 system.
  8. I just upgraded to the latest version of Affinity Photo on Windows. And I am dismayed that I can no longer make adjustments to palettes. For example, for Levels, in the older version, I could double click on the palette and it would open the Histogram so I could make black, white, and gamma adjustments. That no longer works. Please tell me how I can get this setting back. I am supremely annoyed that there seems to be no place in Preferences to get this default behavior back.
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