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  1. I decided to do a deep clean uninstall on the program and re-install (to a clean state as the install on the laptop was, uninstall that sweeps all links and removes the software completely, rather than the standard uninstall which can leave remnants on the system ), and so far it appears to work correctly after a fresh install, without any not responding errors, It looks like something in the registry or other repository had been corrupted, either before or during the upgrade process which was causing the freezing
  2. Thanks for the quick response ... There are unfortunately no available Crash Reports Have included screen shots of the Performance tab after installing the XML File you provided, and also the one prior to installing the file - unfortunately the fault is still present after installing the file
  3. Downloaded and installed the 1.9.0 update yesterday, everything fine, as far as I can see on first look,on my Dell XPS17 Laptop but on my desktop, Designer freezes as soon as I try to use the software, ( it will create a shape OK but problems begin when I start to edit the shape), I have the latest Windows 20H2 version 19042.789 and the latest nVidia Driver 461.40 running a 4GB GTX 1050Ti.) I have tried to switch off the GPU Acceleration as this may be the issue but the program crashes immediately when I try. (this was a problem for others with the Adobe Creative cloud suite a year or two ago on some systems, but not mine so suspect this could be related|) Anyone else aware of this issue (or any support staff reading this ) would like to get this solved as soon as possible - I will supply any logs or other data that is required
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