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  1. I did turn off that option and didn't make a difference. I also tried clearing user data now, but no difference.
  2. I could roll it back to the previous version by uninstalling and installing the previous version again, but I had already opened the file of the illustration I'm working on right now with the new version, and now I can't open the file with the previous version. I really need to keep working on the painting and finish it. Please fix this bug ASAP! 😰 @Gabe I'll also keep an eye on betas. Update: Fortunately, I could recover a previous version of the file via Google Drive's version history, and now I can safely open the file. Thank goodness! I had the workaround this time in my case, but I assume there could be other users who have problems like I did and don't have the means to get back the previous versions of their files, so I do recommend fixing this as soon as possible.
  3. I updated today and I also have this problem. I use Photo for painting and I can't use it being like this. I'm rolling it back to the previous version for now, but I hope it gets fixed soon, so I can use the new version.
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