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  1. ok well that basically kinda shelves a PDF>Calibre export if one want's some sort of flexibility...
  2. that's kinda rough around the edges solution i guess. Is this feature on the roadmap at least ?
  3. Hi, running publisher 1.9.1. and need to be able to export to epub. Kinda bummer to see that isn't possible (contrary to Indesign). So what would be the recommended workflow for publishing to epub ? Could i export to a format that could be imported into apps like Calibre or Sigil ? Thanks for any help on this.
  4. Ctrl-A, Ctrl+Shift+L to unlock them all Ok that did the job. Was doing shift+cmd+L as in other apps... Thanks !
  5. sorry, there was a typo in my text, although i posted under affinity publisher subforum. I'm talking about the publisher app here, not the designer...
  6. hi, in order to prevent unwanted erasure or moving around of objects on a document, it'd be handy to be able to easily lock and unlock either all objets in a document or at least on a given page by a keyboard shortcut. One could also imagine a lock/unlock padlock icon underneath the pages in the left side panel f.ex. for quickly doing so. Currently I can of course select all object of a given page, but am unable to unlock them easily : i need to go to the publisher persona and unlock each object individually, which is counterproductive.
  7. well it was simpler than that : in publisher persona just did a cmd-a and afterwards a cmd-l. This being said, when the objects are locked that way, I can't seem to unlock them anymore in publisher persona and do indeed need to untick them in the Designer Persona, which is a bit a clumsy way of doing things...
  8. Hi if I wish to avoid accidental erasure or moving around of the (text) boxes in a multipage document, is there a way to have them all selected at once and to lock them ? I only managed to do this on a per-page basis and would like to have this applied to the whole of the document.
  9. yea that's an acceptable workaround indeed, but being able to do this right from the text box itself would be handy. I could arrange its place on the proper place on the desired page afterwards. I wonder whether indesign or quark have such a function ?
  10. Hi, sure enough I can copy the box, scroll all the way down to my lengthy doc and paste in the appropriate place, but why isn't there a ctrl click option when selecting a text box with a dropdown menu like "move to page..." where you just type the page number in. Or even, to do copy and then paste directly in the appropriate page in the templates sidebar ?
  11. ok, one little annoying thing with the 4-headed arrow is that I don't seem to be able to do incremental moves with the arrow keys, only manually dragging the frame (less accurate)....
  12. on the other hand, selecting a frame with the 4-headed arrow doesn't allow me to use shift-select to select and drag multiple frames that way, or is there a solution for that too?
  13. ok, newbie question here. I'd like to be able to easily toggle between editing text inside a text box and moving the text box around. I did follow this instruction : but then what ? Obviously, using shift+V doesn't do the job...
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