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  1. dont spam pls, its my feedback about usability, moderator can delete this if he wants
  2. thanks for answer, #4 is closed for me) 5. why that blue markers so big for small elements? can i off it? i cant see edges of text or selected element, all time i need change tools to see edges of selected
  3. hi, thanks for affinity photo, i used adobe more than 15 years, and several days ago i buy this program, and i have some comment about it. 1. why personas in menu file placed first? when i open affinity photo i need waste time to search where my "New...". i cant open "personas" - "any" before not make new image, so why it need be in first place in menu? 2. why every time when i open new image, selected "view tool"? i have mouse with scroll button, it works like as "view tool", and i not need this selection "view tool" every time, i want switch off it and using "move tool" or my last selected tool 3. why when i copying "print screen" or other image to affinity photo i need every time clicking to "resterize" for select and copy selected peace of image? "print screen" and other jpg png images already raster 4. if i make print screen and make new image in affinity photo it cant see resolution of image in windows clipboard its really useful and saves time thanks
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