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  1. The bigger the library gets, the slower all functions around the assets become. Dragging and dropping takes longer and longer, creating a sub-category takes longer and longer. Renaming assets takes longer and longer. The larger the file gets, the more likely it is that a crash will occur no matter what action is performed on the assets. After this crash the assets are often still there, but after every 10th crash or after a reboot of the system everything is completely gone. The exported assets cannot be imported again in 2/3 cases. I don't think it's a corrupt file because I used completely
  2. Hello, I am sorry about posting here again but I am just frustrated about. now i created a Design and saved it normally. After i would open it again i got the message in the attached Photo. maybe you can recover the file? Edit: I saw that the file has 0 bytes, so i guess there is nothing to recover. But maybe the file can help to find out maybe a bug. Edit 28.02.2021: The new Example Asset file i made for you is also broke today. i attached it. It was created 24.02.2021. 0001 in jedem steckt ein wikinger_r.afdesign new_data.afassets
  3. Hello, both files are created by myself. The both files should be the same. First i created one of them and after that, i created the other file. I did it in this way, because i thought, when it gives problems with file number 1, i have file number 2. Both files was just storaged on my desktop. (C:// partition) The "Assets_Shirtbusiness_Sicherheitskopie" file was created at 07.02.2021. And the "Sicherheitskopie von Sicherheitskopie" was createt at 11.02.2021 You see, that the files has 228 MB. This Asset file is much bigger than my example you can see in the video. Is it normal
  4. Hello, i'm sorry for posting my problem in the false topic. I made two videos. In the first video you can see how i try to import my asset data. In the second Video i prepared a new asset list. Because i noticed that it has something to do with the size of the file. I saw that the storage is on his limit, maybe there is the fault? The rest of my system are CPU i7 4. gen, 16 GB RAM and a GTX 1080. And in general i dont have problems with my computer parts. In my opinion its crazy. In second Video you can see how long i need to wait for add new assets, or rename a vector. You can'
  5. Hello, i have also big problems with my assets in Affinity Designer. Is it OK when i write here too about it? Are you using the latest release version? Yes ( Can you reproduce it? Affinity Designer Crashes everytime when: 1. after I have added about 3-5 ; 2. after I renamed about 3-5 ; 3. sometimes after i create a new subgroup. I think everytime when I do something that is related to the assets Does it happen for a new document? If not do you have a document you can share that shows the problem? the error occurs completely independently of the currently open
  6. I can only agree with the suggestions and would like to add something as I would find it extremely handy. There is a search function under the assets which is very good but naming the assets takes a long time and is not an option with 50,000+. When I view the assets as a list it would be cool to be able to double click and edit the title of the asset directly. Ich kann den Vorschlägen nur zustimmen und würde gerne etwas hinzufügen, da ich es als äußerst praktisch empfinden würde. Es gibt unter den Assets eine Suchfunktion die sehr gut ist allerdings dauert das Benen
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