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  1. It is only happened to screenshot file. When I look the screenshot file info, all I can see in Colour Profile is PA32UCX. The monitor is calibrated in its hardware and don't use ICC PROFILE. I can see the PA32UCX ICC file but cannot find it in Affinity applications. I tested both Designer and Photos but sadly both are in same situation. Why don't I see the PA32UCX profile in Affinity Applications ?
  2. I am using Mac Pro 2019 with Asus PA32UCX. Monitor colour was calibrated. However When I open the file with Preview and Affinity Designer, the colour is totally different. The print screen is attached here. The left one is Expansion Slot Utility and right one is print screen of that. They both are same colour but soon as I add to Affinity Designer, the colour is washed out and totally different. Which one is correct one ? How can I match the colour or get accurate colour ?
  3. I cannot believe this is the case. Wow, Affinity cannot handle even Noto Sans Myanmar. I mean It is a UNICODE and what's the problem ? look like need to move to another app. Anyway Burmese people is very minority for Affinity and no one will care and fix the issue. Sadly.
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