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  1. No, not in the way I need it as described above. To be able to stack items for retouching on frequency separation. If I’m missing something please let me know.
  2. Yes sir, I figured out how to do it but what you can't do simply is use it for frequency separation. In Freq Sep retouching you need take patches of the high freq, like skin or clothing texture and use that to patch other areas non-destructively. these can be stacked easily in Photoshop by making a selection, copy, paste and drag to cover, set to normal blend mode and clip to the high freq layer. What occurs in Affinity Photo is creating a new mask which only shows my patch. Not useful. I'm getting by just fine using destructive editing to heal and stamp which works really, really well, but I would like this feature to be easier.
  3. I'm a new user and would like this as well. Can this be done to a single layer? I retouch with frequency sep a lot and just want to clip to the high frequency layer to patch texture. I sort of got it to work but only with one layer and it creates a mess of groups. Kind of confusing how this works.
  4. I actually found a pretty decent free option on the Mac App store called Gifski which is really simple but allows for basic compression options. So far it's working in the tests I did.
  5. Thanks for that reply. I should have said I'm on a mac. Looks like screen to gif and color quantizer are both windows apps. I'm pretty surprised this isn't a more readily available feature without work arounds. Thanks I'll keep looking. Photoshop is still really the only option for this to be done efficiently for an overly busy studio. I definitely do not have the time to open multiple apps to create one gif when it takes only a few minutes to do it in PS. I'd rather pay the $10 a month to save the time.
  6. Thanks but I don’t think any of those will work. I need to load short video clips and turn them into looping gifs and control the file size to stay under 3mb. The apps I’ve seen don’t allow any control over the dithering. And the apps discussed in that thread, I believe, are all for animating several stages of sprite movement or stacks of layers of a psd file etc.
  7. I know this is niche and probably not a priority but one of my big clients uses animated gifs in their monthly emails. I've been trying out Affinity Photo for retouching and I think I could drop my adobe subscription if Affinity offered an animated gif tool. I've looked around for other options but nothing offers the ability to control dithering and compression to get the desired file size I need. Even Photoshop hasn't upgraded their animated gif feature in a long time since it's listed as a legacy tool.
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