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  1. Thanks - I'll stop trying to make them work! Looking forward to integration in the future though...
  2. First of all, I've been using Photo for a few weeks and am very happy with the results. I qm not a pro so my needs are simple and I believe this will allow me to do all I need assuming I can get some plug-ins to work. I know this has been discussed regarding NIK and others but I'm looking for a straight answer on whether ON1 plug-ins will work or not. If so - how to do it because following the NIK procedure doesn't seem to work. Thanks in advance.
  3. You are correct. It is a huge undertaking and I am sure they are stretched pretty thin and are overwhelmed to respond to their customer and potential customer needs. I will be patient and wait for a response to my query of yesterday.
  4. I've only been on this forum for a day, but there seems to be a persistent thread of non-response by Affinity to questions asked in this forum, especially when presented by older folks. Just respond or it feels like you just don't care...
  5. I checked out all the videos and some of my questions were answered. I also checked out some of the other support forums and it seems there are still a number of issues with Photo which makes me think the release from beta may have been slightly premature. With the On1 trial, even though it may not be as rich as Photo, I know what I will be getting and that it is working without issues. So i will probably be going that route. Also, as noted in an earlier post that there will be a trial in a month - why not now?
  6. Well, I guess there is no trial now, but can you compare and contrast the major differences between Photo and On1 Photo Suite?
  7. That's great! But the software will also cost 25% more if I like it.
  8. I just found this app and missed the beta. Im retired and living on a fixed income so even $40 has to be evaluated. Gave up on Photoshop years ago because of upgrade expense which didn't make sense for shooting just for fun. Even 24 hours would help!
  9. I realize that this software appears to be a bargain for what it does, but when you are retired and live on a fixed income even a purchase of $40 has to be evaluated. I used to use photoshop but couldn't afford the constant upgrades and since I only shoot for fun it didn't make sense. It would be great to try and make sure I can use it.
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