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  1. Had a play with AI clipping mask, it generate the same jagged edge as well. :P
  2. Thanks evtonic3, I manage to get the clean edges. Still have jagged edge after save as .eps though. :)
  3. Hi MEB, here is the sample file and the screen shot test.afdesign
  4. thank you evtonic3, the mask is a circle, where 4 other vector shapes inside the mask are lay on top on each other. the overplayed section has jagged edged. If these all make sense.
  5. Hi, I need help. The clipping mask I created in AD has jagged edge. It happens when putting several shape inside the parent shape. please see attache screen shot. thanks
  6. Great! this solve the problem. thank you Matt!
  7. Hi All, I am a new user here. Really love the AD and amazed by its feature and speed. However, I just found out the clipping mask with gradient effect I made in AD were pixelated after export in .eps and .pdf file. I didn't check "Rasterise unsupported effects" but the result is just disappointing. The original file in AD looks sharp when zoomed in, but not the case in AI and PDF. Can anyone help me here? thanks! AI AD test.afdesign
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