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  1. I know this is late but it's for anyone happening upon this thread after I post. On Mac, there is beta software called VectorStyler. It has an image trace feature. It also lets you warp text and objects. You can save the result as an SVG and bring it into AD The other option is a free online converter - https://online-converting.com/vectorize/. I learned about it from this tutorial. Interestingly, the conversion website uses a free open source utility called Potrace. I wonder if the AD devs would bring that into the program and save dev time while adding native image tracing capabilities?
  2. There are some inexpensive iPad apps that can do this. It isn't the ideal workflow but it is an option. Code Organa has some good apps. I created the attached using the Animatix app ($1.99). The only thing I noticed is that the app did not preserve transparency. They offer other apps such as ToonCamera. Their website: http://codeorgana.com/index.html Cheers!
  3. Hi Alfred, The last few attempts were done with the Apple Pencil using quick taps. I resorted to long presses because previous short taps with a finger or pencil weren’t working.
  4. I understand the process but, for the life of me, I can’t get the selection correct on iPad. No matter where I select, artistic text is created separate from the ellipse. I’ve done short presses, long presses, used my finger, used the Apple Pencil and still no success. I wish there were a simple text option to select text in a path. IMG_4090.MOV
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