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  1. David, iterating your macro would use the last mirrored image as the origin for the next iteration. What I need is applying a different angle always to the original image by increments of 1 degree. If only I could change the angle units of the mirrors inside a macro to degrees . . .
  2. Thanks v_kyr, I do work with ImageMagick and PHP etc for a project that has many repetitive tasks. But it is not worth writing such a routine for a one time task, plus I already have the exact result I need from Mirrors in APh. Perhaps it is possible to change the units from rad to degrees in the mirrors settings inside a macro? That would make it A LOT easier to use a batch job on 360 identical images and type in the degree number for each image.
  3. Hello, I want to create a macro that applies the Mirror filter to an image in steps of 1 degree and saves out each angle from 1 to 360 degrees as a numbered image file. 1. The angle setting in a macro appears as rad not degrees, how do I change to degrees? 2. Is it possible to run a macro as a loop, increasing the mirror angle by one degree or 0.0174533rad per iteration? Thanks
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