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  1. Hi, is there a list of the features and their names in different languages? I could not find any. There are lots of tutorials out there, mostly in English. Sometimes I struggle to reproduce a certain step because I have no idea which tool is used, as the name is not obvious in German. eg. blend modes or filters. thanks Philipp
  2. unfortunately there is no crash report, but deactivating OpenCL solved the issue. Everything is running smooth now thanks for your help
  3. Hi, I have just updated to the newest version and now affinity photo ist crashing. I added an ellipse and then added the gaussian blur effect with manual input of 600. I have done this before with no problem. It is also shown on youtube in an Affinity revolution tutorial (How to Blend Two Images in Affinity Photo, Starting Minute 13). Now as soon as I add the blur (sometimes after I try to move the blurred ellipse) Affinity crashes. I tried to save after every step and now I can't open the image. It says "opening image" for hours with no effect. In this state I can't even close
  4. issue "solved" of kind. Suddenly the picker worked fine again on a new session. Haven't changed anything, so not sure what caused the problem or resolved the issue. resolution is 3840x2860 on the dell display (wide gammut) and 2560x1440 on the Benq PS: in case you need to pick a colour from the image itself - use the brush tool, move the brush to the colour and click on "ctrl". That samples the colour. Does not work if the colour is outside the image (eg. a colour palette)
  5. Hi, I am trying to use the colour picker, but the sampled colour is way off the current position of the cursor. The sample is always way off to the left of where I am actually picking the colour. I am unable to pick any colour from a palette, as I would have to move outside the sceen. I add two sample screenshots where you can see the issue. Using windows 10 (all updates installed) / Affinity Photo / Dell XPS Laptop with Benq screen as external monitor (but issue happens on both screens) any idea what is wrong here and how to fix it? thanks Phil
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