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  1. Yes I had a look there.but I have sizes to comply with magclouds. So It wouldnt really matter ? But I ticked all spreads..is that ok?
  2. I just posted the screen shot from what they say . My test magazine is 100MB large. not sure If I could post it here
  3. Yes I did as export as PDF, the problem happened when I was trying to upload to MagCloud
  4. My problem is how do I split in to single pages even of they appear as pairs I appreciate your support and link
  5. Hello Team, I created a 8.25"x10.75" size 30 page magazine with Affinity Publisher. I created this for Magclouds as a print on demand magazine. During the page setting I complied with Indesign instructions as provided by the Magclouds. Magclouds did not have Affinity Publisher specific instructions. However, I had an error message saying my magazine outside the bleed size and finally it became a landscape print instead portrait. Could someone help me with this issue. Anyone upload to Magclouds from Affinity Publisher (as a pdf) Much appreciate all your support. Thank you
  6. Agree, in my post I am requesting a plug in to be installed in the future Thank you
  7. I am switching from PsCC to Affinity. Absolutely loving it. Specially the Affinity Publisher. I found that the Affinity Photo does not have facility to create a proof sheets for clients to view. Can we request to add plug in to create proofsheet to this amazing software Thank you
  8. Yeah I was mistaken ..I think I need to repost what I wanted to ask here Shall do it again
  9. I am using Affinity, Now I have to go back to PS CC and edit my meta data there. Then come back to Affinity Photo. Can request to have installed meta data facility in the Affinity Photo in the near futute. That would be great.
  10. I would like to see a cinemagraph feature in the affinity photo. You may add this as an update free or paid. For your consideration. Thank you
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