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  1. It is directly related to a processing time of calculating hash (Reading all app contents) and verify signature of files (Apple security measures). Or do you think there is some magic behind of it? Yes I think there is no magic also, and possibly there is other reasons of slow delay, since calculating signatures can't take so long time.
  2. Yes, I understand, but it is something what is really hard to believe. Just look at this: iMovie - 2.78 Gb - 35954 files - start time 16 seconds Affinity Photo - 2.5 Gb - 10785 files - start time ~3 minutes
  3. It is not only delay on first run. It is happening every time if app closed for a few hours. I'm never restarting MacBook unless macOS updates released. So if you start Affinity Photo once per day, you always get the delay. According to Apple the delay should be only first time after any app update, right? But it is not happening that way, so maybe there is something they missed and could fix. I am waiting a fix for that for a 5 months already. I was happy to use Affinity Photo only for first 1 month, since I bought it 6 months ago.
  4. As I said in my first message "I use Affinity Photo from AppStore" I don't have additional fonts. And if the reason was in a fonts I would get always 2m+ delay, but after settings reset sometimes it starts with 3 seconds. MacBook Pro 13" late 2017 i7
  5. Hi, thanks but "subsequent launches should be fine" does not work for me. I'm getting 2m+ start every time.
  6. Hello. I use Affinity Photo from AppStore for macOS (latest macOS version, Big Sur and latest app version used). And it starts really long time, about 2-3 minutes. It is really annoying. Somewhere I found info that If I hold some modifier key and start it, I get the dialog to clear all settings. I did it and it helped once, but few days later it starts to get slow start again. I tried to remove every affinity config folder, and no changes. Please fix it, it is super annoying and I hate to start Affinity Photo because of this.
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