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  1. Sorted, ta muchly. What was making the frame elongate (slightly) was the red eye outside the frame. It turns into a sort of flying saucer banking steeply when the frame extends. It distracts one's attention from the tiny triangle which is the important thing. Maybe it's just me (quite possible - I am an awkward sod), but I think that triangle could do with enlarging. (I'm not the most awkward sod around - what I'm importing is an article by someone who wants it publishing as he created it. In a mix of Calibri Bold and Times Roman in the heading, and Helvetica for the text with the first page paragraphs starting with a space, but flush on p2. Our house font is Calibri, and we don't normally do centering by eye or the underlining of titles, and normally use justified text. I'm wondering if he will notice that his Helvetica will actually be Arial or Liberation Sans - as I don't have Helvetica on this machine and am not proposing to get it (over the road may have it on her Mac). They're both the same as Helvetica in area occupied. I've given him sample pages his way and our neat and clean Calibri house style. He prefers his. He can have it...) Again, thanks. I wish all support forums were as quick and to the point as this one.
  2. I'm copying two pages (1188 words) from LibreOffice (I don't use MS Word) into a Publisher document (. I get one frame on one page with a little red thingy at the right hand side. I've read Help, and other info, and I've pressed Shift and clicked it. All I get is a slight lengthening of the text box with the text becoming invisible a short way below the page. I've tried doing it with Alt and click, and even Shift-Alt and click. I'm doing this on Win 10 with the latest update of Publisher (yesterday). I know there's invisible text because I lengthened the text box and slid it over the page below. After copying and pasting five times... Bringing text in from contributors is essential. Why does it seem to be so hard to do in Publisher, when it was so easy in PP (and, in my case PageMaker before that...)? Or am I not doing it right? Publisher Help is not the easiest manual I've come across,especially without an index. But having an index that can be browsed through is a bit old fashioned now, I suppose.
  3. Sorry, can't find the manual. It was only an idea. Just discovered that when you press the button, you can advance from one green flash up to four green flashes. What that means is beyond my ken. Not noticed any difference in anything yet. Probably won't if it's a gaming thing. Just been searching and worked out that it affects mouse speed. Thanks for that. I now know why my mouse speed drops occasionally. It's quite easy to catch this button, and I hate working with a slow mouse.
  4. I had a bright idea this morning, remembering that my mouse has a dpi button. These are apparently for gamers, but as I only play FreeCell not much use to me. Seems to come with it being a 7 button mouse. I insist on at least 5 buttons (there don't seem to be 4 button ones) as I copy and paste a lot and having two preset buttons saves time. Unfortunately, in a test this morning, the dpi button doesn't seem to change the dpi setting of Affinity Publisher. If I do find out why this happened, I'll post here.
  5. Yes, all Publisher docs. I didn't bother trying to import from PP. (Just looked - you only get the option of Publisher files.) No overrides. No actual text in the doc being imported to. I set the text styles myself in the doc the pdf was opened in. I never thought to look at dpi as I've never changed it. It's always on 300 for laser and copier work. But, I've just looked at the dpi in some dummies I've set up now and they were on 144. The template I've used is on 300, and is set to our text styles. (Originally my colleague's styles designwise, but actually set as text styles when I took over about 5 yrs ago finishing up on PP X9). Migrating two projects now to Publisher via pdf - one quite successful and the other just getting sorted. I've binned the dummies with 144 dpi and imported successfully to the others. Thanks to both of you again. I still don't know how this happened, but I'll be keeping a careful watch on it.
  6. It's that Luddite again. I'm trying to import text styles from one document to another. In the source document, they are fine. Leading is set to %, and sizes are right. When they come through, something that was 16 pt is now 5.3 pt (and simillar weird alterations to other sizes), and leading is back to 'exact'. The look of the style is OK - caption is italic, and HEAD LEFT is bold. But a heading in 5.3 pt is not very much good. Except perhaps on A8 for pixies...... BTW is there an easy way to delete in one go all the styles that are provided? I don't use any of them in normal work (I have my own HEADINGS) and the only one I might like to use is 'box' (but I can always always draw one). When I've got mine in, it's hard to find them if I just import without clearing first.
  7. I'll give it a go on Win 10... Thanks again. I know I'm a bit reactionary. Then again, I've never been setting big glossy magazines and strange paper sizes and fashionable layouts. (sigh) I did do a very local newspaper once - on 'Mac OS 2' with PageMaker 3. I find this forum great for the speed of replies.
  8. Yes, I know many people want the exact setting. For what I do, %height is way the easiest. How can I set this to be the default instead of tthe current default of 'exact' which has given me (and the colleague I'm passing all this on to) headaches? I now know how to change to %height. What I'd like is to have it the other way round. I can always change to exact if I find a need (which I haven't so far...). What I don't want is to have to set %height every time I start something new.
  9. Thanks to all. The split line problem is just one of those things that have to be lived with, I think. The restoring of some missing faults has cured the rather weird appearance of the file. Sorry for delay in replying - have spent past two days 'driving' imaginary vehicles along obscure back lanes looking for road signs, etc, so that other people will know where to turn when they visit certain camp sites - or at least they can't blame up when they satnav their route and it takes them the wrong way... When this thing is out of the way, I'll look into other methods of transferring data. I've only really used pdf, but in my PageMaker days there was something else I rarely used as most of my stuff was printed in house. Thanks again.
  10. A lot of furious clicking at the other end of the line reveals that it appears to be cloud based. She did have a major job done not long since, so we will probably have to reinstal. And several other fonts too, no doubt. I don't go for cloud based things. Or things like Microsoft Office that you have to rent. I paid for X9, and the Affinity suite because they are reasonably priced (but hard to find things in...), and I use LibreOffice for the things it's good at, like spreadsheets and labels from a database (and it's free...). Will be back at it tomorrow. Both out tonight.
  11. The pdf was published last year from PP X9 for a group emailing. It was opened this year in Pub and tidied up as in the screenshot with the map in it. The saved afpub file was sent to my colleague, with problems that only show on the Mac (both full size and laptop). I have just discovered that Affinity on the big Mac seems unable to access the Calibri font. This is present on the Mac, and Word accesses it with no trouble. In Pub, it's shown as ?Calibri on the font indicator when text is highlighted, but Calibri does not show up in the font list. I don't know what it is displaying in, but it's a heavier looking font. Calibri works well on this Win 10 machine, and used to on the Mac (can't speak for the laptop, though). But apart from that, in the Mac display lines of text are split as they were when the pdf was opened, but these were corrected by me on Win 10 before saving as afpub. I'm used to that happening when importing things - I once had an article from someone typed on an iPad or similar that had three words on each page. (It was a three A5 page article when I'd taken it into LibreOffice, removed all the page breaks, and reimported it...). To Dazmondo: I have never come across 'package' as a way of doing things, never having had need to find out what it was. (If you're a carpenter, you seldom need a spanner, and mechamics have even less need of planes...)
  12. The Screenshot (2) one has some info blanked by a white(ish) box - that is deliberate. Otherwise, that is as it should be. Both should be two A5s up on A4 Landscape. On the Mac one, the map page has the bottom legend on two lines. Margins are set to 1 cm all round and a central gutter of 2 cm. This is because there may be printing on domestic printers of uncertain (to us) types.
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