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  1. Agreed on all points as I was in the same boat. Luckily I am running my CS stuff on my old tower that I’ve kept downgraded for the reason of running CS6. But did get a new iMac recently and have Affinty running on it. I’m really liking the way the way the Affinity apps work and although I’m having to re-learn a lot of stuff, it’s completely worth it from a price point issue not having to do the monthly subscription. As soon as I’m confident I have all my skill sets transferred over, I’ll be putting CS6 out to pasture. Affinity has done a great job filling a gap in the industry and if they’re t
  2. After 25 plus years of designing I’m pretty hyped to try something new as there hasn’t been anything new in over 20 years. I’m from the Aldus/Macromedia generation that switched over to Adobe after the buyout. This looks and feels like some great design software. It’s actually exciting again to design and not get hit in the wallet every month with stuff I don’t need. Looking forward to Affinity’s future in the design software market. Really wish I knew of a good Type Manager that could rival Suitcase without added fluff and price.
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