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  1. Thanks for pointing this out Walt. But it doesn't matter in this case: it's a print-only publication.
  2. You are right – it is counter-intuitive. But I guess we can get used to almost anything in a worthy cause!
  3. Many thanks GarryP. I think you've set me off in the right direction.
  4. I'm working on a 400-page book which has lots of numbered footnotes. The author is providing the footnotes so I don't need AFP to generate them. The first footnote on a page needs a fine rule above it – perhaps 0.5pt extending from the left margin to, say, 40mm from the left margin. And, say, 3mm above the first line of text. Since I can't find where these settings are documented, I've been starting from the (scant) examples in the AFP Workbook and modifying them using a process of trial and error. When I try to edit the settings (Text Styles > Decorations) of, e.g. the rule weight or its distance above the text below, AFP just crashes. Am I asking the impossible? Have I missed the comprehensive explanation of these settings in the Help, or perhaps online? I'm fed up with watching interminable YouTube videos that all restate the obvious without answering my questions.
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