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  1. Same here. All App Store updates are just hanging there, not updating. It's not just the Affinity software.
  2. Thanks Dan, no worries, I guess you folks are very busy with all your new users!
  3. Is there a feature in Publisher that allows you to change the size of an existing document? I do a lot of adverts for magazines where the content is largely the same but the size of the actual advert changes. In Quark you can apply adaptive scaling to an existing layout which results in everything in that document being resized to fit the new document size.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Garry. That all makes sense I think. Just a couple of questions. The list of colours in my document appear under the heading 'greys', whereas they are clearly not. When I click on 'colours' as the heading they all appear as HSL rather than CMYK. Who uses HSL?? Also I am on a Mac so no right or left click, we use control click. Having to do this is not particularly user friendly but now I know, it does make things easier. Thanks again for your help Garry, I will persist, as I love everything else about Publisher and would recommend it to any Quark user (no matter how old!) if you are getting fed up with the way that you are being treated by the big Q!
  5. Hi folks. This is my first post as I have only been using Publisher for just over a week now. Having been a Quark Xpress user since its beginning I found the changeover relatively easy and I have to say that I am loving most of what you guys and girls in Nottingham are doing. It's great! My only gripe so far (and it is a really big gripe!) is the colour palette. It's absolutely awful! So complicated and long winded. I can't import colours, creating new colours and naming them seems impossible and just colouring new box backgrounds takes several clicks and manoeuvres. Surely this can be improved. Quark's colour management is much, much easier to use and much more user friendly. Do you have any plans to improve it???
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