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  1. one more attempt with and without file extensions. Good luck UniversBQ.zip
  2. Hi Sean, try the glyph pairs "LT" of the UniversBQ Mac PostScript (Type1) font. As an example for the correct metric kerning, I made a screenshot of FontExplorer X Pro and have attached it too. best explore! Jens UniversBQ.zip
  3. Publisher has problems using the integrated kerning pairs of Postscript Type1 fonts. It ignores them! I noticed this with extreme pairs like LT. In new OpenType fonts this works correctly. Not so with Postscript Type1 – no matter if the AFM files or only the font suitcases are included.
  4. As an old FreeHand User I miss an input field for the origin of a transformation and one for the number of copies too for a value input. Greetings from bielefeld, Germany