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  1. I had the same pixelated issue with a .eps file I downloaded from Shutterstock. I had a colleague open it in his Adobe Illustrator app and he converted it to the standard .ai file format. It was no longer pixelated but it turned out the vector file wasn't completely 'vector'. A tonne of shapes was not converted to paths or in Designer lingo, curves. I also found grouped and masked elements.
  2. I do have a second monitor connected, but I only disconnect once my MacBook Pro is turned off (shut down). When I boot up I connect the monitor before I switch it on. Same process every day.
  3. Hi! I prefer using Affinity Designer in separated mode but for some reason, the app doesn't always remember the setup I have. It's not happening every time but enough to make it a nuisance, for example, this morning, my setup was in a completely different state to the one I left it in yesterday when I closed the app down. Is there a way to stop this from happening?
  4. Thanks Chris, I reverted back to window mode and it's working fine.
  5. Hi! On certain images, when I apply a filter using the 'Nik Collection' from Google, the canvas goes completely black. There's no option to revert to the original image or anything. Cmd+z does nothing. I have to close the window down. In the thumbnail in the layers panel I can still see the image. The images I'm trying to edit were taking on an iPhone 6s, so nothing intense like you'd expect with RAW images etc.
  6. Any update on when this will be fixed?
  7. I've updated to 1.5.4 this morning and I'm still having issues with the font selection tool. Is anyone else still having this problem?
  8. Same here, unable to pick out some fonts, it's trying to put the selected font in the 'recent list' at the top.
  9. Hi! On Photoshop I have a script that when I save a .psd file it will also save it as a .png file. Is this something you're looking at or will think about adding as a new feature for your Affinity products?
  10. Thanks, I've sent the email including the Affinity Designer file.
  11. I've downloaded the beta, installed, opened up my design and the problem happened again. Whenever I move this layer up or down eventually the app crashes.
  12. Thanks for the reply. That 1.5.2 beta link takes me to another forum post. No download link for 1.5.2 beta.
  13. I take it this issue is no longer a concern? Because the app is still crashing!
  14. It's 154MB, and would rather not add a file to a public forum. I can use WeTransfer if you have an email address I can send it to.
  15. Hi, I've updated to 1.5 and on more than a few occasions the application has crashed stating 'internal error'. Just now, I'm trying to move a text box that's nested in a group and each time I go to it, the app crashes. I have attached the details from when the app crashes and the additional details my mac provides. affinity-designer-crash-log.rtf mac-crash-details.rtf
  16. Hi. In Photoshop I was able to apply a script so that when I save my file as a .psd it would also save a copy as a .png file. Is there a way to do this for Affinity Photo?
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