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  1. night

    Affinity Web?

    What about the idea to add a WYSIWYG web designer option to Photo? Not everybody wants to mess around with code you know.. I use to make my sites with Freeway/iWeb and now EverWeb, and it works great for all sorts of websites, and is probably more than enough for most people who want to create their own portfolio website (and so on).
  2. Well I don't know about Designer but this does not work for Photo.. every time I restart it resets back to pixels.
  3. I try to figure this out; when I set my Units to centimetres (instead of pixels), every time I restart it resets back to pixels. I looked into preferences, perhaps I overlook something but what's the trick? Thanks.
  4. I changed it to ctrl H, perfect.
  5. Thank you all for your help! I set a keyboard shortcut for show/hide Pixel Selection. As Fixx wrote, kb shortcuts are deeply memorised after +18 years of PS use, so it's a pity I can't set cmd H for the shortcut. I use K for it instead, can't make up something better, but I am open for suggestions :)
  6. Back to the 'hide selection (marching ants)' question as it started in this topic April 1 2015. I just installed the latest Affinity Photo 1.5 Can we now, after the update, hide the marching ants selection, just like it can be done in PS for ages?
  7. Thank you Manuela. I hope this feature will be implemented (and kind of surprised it is still not possible). I use it all the time in Photoshop and it makes it hard for me to switch.
  8. BUMP! I wonder if this option is available now with the new update: in other words, can we have an active selection but hide the marching ants?
  9. Thanks. I hope this will be on the shortlist so that masks can simply be hidden when you work on them, just as it is in PS (Command+H).
  10. Hi! In Photoshop I always make use of 'hide mask' after I paint-on a mask and turn it into a selection. There is nothing more annoying than working on a mask that has marching ants. How can I hide the mask/marching ants? Thanks!

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