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  1. Thanks Mike, I will have a look. All I know is that prior to the latest release they used to work fine. Ian
  2. Playing around, I have found a workaround. If I select a completely different paragraph style and then select the one I really want, it works okay.
  3. Since the Publisher 2.1.1 update, my paragraph styles are no longer working properly. When I select a paragraph style, for example 'Magazine Body', the style name is displayed as 'Magazine Body+' and whatever text styles (font, size, decoration, etc) were previously being used remain set. I have tried updating the paragraph style with the correct settings but it makes no difference. Is this a bug or has something changed and I am not using it correctly? I am on Windows. Thanks Ian Autumn 2023 Magazine.afpub
  4. Hi When I have done an HDR merge in Photo, are the image sources all still there and forming part of the file size, or are they flattened and discarded? If the latter, how do I flatten and remove the sources, to reduce the file size? Thanks Ian
  5. Thanks Lagarto. Yes I am very aware of dpi/ppi. My problems were caused by thinking that Publisher would do what it said it would. i.e. Convert the document to 72dpi with a colour space of sRGB. The colour space appears to have been the issue, which I have now solved with the above advice. Thanks again. Ian
  6. Thanks Joachim, that has done the trick. Maybe I was a little naive, thinking that 72dpi sRGB meant 72dpi sRGB. Ian
  7. Sorry, how do I convert them to RGB? I can't find that option, or do I have to convert the original document elsewhere and re-import it? Ian
  8. Thanks everybody. The target is on screen viewing, hence 72dpi. I must be misunderstanding what Affinity does. I thought that setting an output resolution of 72dpi would make everything 72dpi. The source material comes from different people, so I don't have total control over what they send me. Thanks for the tip about converting colour spaces (again I thought this was all controlled by the export function). John, thanks for the offer of your macro library, I will take a look. Ian
  9. Hi I know this has been asked before on here, but I can't see a solution so would be grateful for some help. I have a 9 page Publisher file. Some of the pages have been produced by another person and include high resolution images. When I export to a pdf using the 72dpi resolution setting the resultant PDF is 24mb, which is way too big for that resolution. I have attached the Affinity file and the PDF. Thanks in advance for your help. Ian 2021-09-25 e-Newsletter.afpub 2021-09-25 e-Newsletter.pdf
  10. Hi When I have used one of the merge functions (HDR or stacking) is there any way I can get rid of the source images? Once I am happy with the image I don't need the sources and all they do (I think) is increase the file size. I've searched all over and cannot see how to do it. Many thanks Ian
  11. Thanks Timo, I thought there might be a way of doing it without creating a new file. Ian
  12. Hi Apologies if this has been asked before, I can't find the answer anywhere. When I have done an HDR merge (or I assume any other stack operation), how do I totally flatten the image to remove the sources? I have tried merge visible and flatten and neither seem to do what I want, so I am ending up with documents much larger than I need because they still include all of the source images. I am using the latest version of Photo. Thanks Ian
  13. Hi Thanks for looking. I am on Windows 10 and have uploaded the file as requested. The problem page was page 6, but it doesn't seem to be experiencing the issue this morning. If you delete the text frame which overlays the football pitch and then try creating a new text frame covering the entire pitch, that was when the freeze occurred. When I was having the problem, I shut down and restarted my machine in case it was a resources issue, but that didn't resolve it. I had to create the text frame on an empty area and then drag it over the pitch. Cheers Ian 2021-01-15_Weekly_Newsletter.afpub
  14. Hi Earlier today I had an issue with Publisher freezing when I was trying to draw a text frame. After trying a few different things i worked out that when the issue happened when I tried to draw the text frame over a picture frame. If I draw the text frame over an unoccupied area of the page I can then move it over the picture frame without any problems, but every time I tried to draw it directly over the picture frame I experienced the freeze. The picture frame was a sub-layer and I had the parent layer selected when drawing the text area. I have not come across this before, is it a known problem? Thanks Ian
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