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  1. Thanks again I'm just experimenting with the table tool today because I've never used it.
  2. Thanks. I'm putting text into table cells. My next question would be is the text in a table considered artistic text or text frame or can table cells have either artistic text or text frame text.
  3. I want to know if there is an option when using text with a background color to add padding between the text and the background color, so the background color extends farther out to the left & right or top & bottom of the text.
  4. Thanks for the video. I can now paint the colors of the mask onto the sketch. As for you question, I have no idea. I've never digitally painted anything before I just stumbled across the video and thought I would try it. For now I'm getting the results I'm after so I think I'm good. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm still having trouble I added the gradient mask then made a new layer filled it with black clipped it to the gradient map then added a new layer in-between the gradient and the black layer. However I'm getting very different results. For example the gradient mask colors still show (instead of the b&w sketch) and if I try and paint on the new layer (in between the map and black layer) nothing happens. I've attached my file if anyone wants to show me what I've done wrong. Gradient Map Painting Problem.afphoto
  6. Ran across this will searching for digital painting videos on YouTube and was wondering if it is possible to do this in Affinity Photo. So far, I'm not having much luck. I'm having trouble when he gets to the part with the clipping mask.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, life can be annoying at times. It's the HP ENVY Photo 7855.
  8. I know you can't scan in images from your scanner directly into Affinity Photo on Windows but for whatever reason my scanner can only scans images in jpg or pdf format. So my question is if I scan a photo in and save it as pdf is it lossless or is it compressed like a jpeg. Because if it's lossless I can just bring it in then save to a different format.
  9. Here's the file. I works if I delete the resulting curves from the layer panel, but I usually just select the segment or segments I want to delete with the move tool and then press delete. No idea why it's behaving this way now. Well never mind I closed this file out reopened it and it's working as expected. Don't know why it wasn't working before that but it's working now. test.afdesign
  10. What I'm trying to do is just keep the space in between the two slanted rectangles. I converted the ellipse to a curve then added nodes at the intersections of the rectangles and the curve, selected all nodes and broke the curve. I thought this would leave me with the curve cut into sections and I could just delete the large sections of the curve leaving just the small section between the rectangles. However, I wind up with no selectable sections at all.
  11. Thank you. I thought fill was checked but it was not. Everything is working as expected now.
  12. I'm using Publisher When I try to add decorations to an existing paragraph style or a new paragraph style, I can't change the fill option. I click on it and the color panel does not open. I've made sure that enable decorations is checked.
  13. Just started working on this tutorial and have run into a little problem. Page 185 has you create a text frame with 3 columns on panel 1 then drag and drop the ethical, sustainable, and responsible text from the copy in the other text frame. The ethical text drags and drops fine into the first column but the other two will not drop into column 2 or 3 they will only go into column 1. I have tried this with and without column breaks. Never mind I got it to work. I restarted Publisher and everything is working fine now.
  14. I recently bought a new computer to replace an old one. I want to use my Affinity programs on my new computer. So, do I just uninstall the programs on the old computer then download the programs on the new computer and use the same keys?
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