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  1. So if I'm understanding correctly, the LensFun database being updated will add the profile to Affinity Photo automatically, or will I have to wait for yet ANOTHER update? is there any way to extract the profile from a DNG and add it to Affinity Photo manually?? I see a profiles folder that's sitting empty currently.
  2. Absolutely! I could really use some help here, I'm planning on using Affinity Photo professionally. I've already tried reinstalling Affinity Photo and restarting my computer. I've included a photo with the horizon so that you can easily tell whether it's been properly corrected or not. DJI_0001.DNG
  3. So, now the lens profile says released online, but only the old lens profiles show in Affinity Photo.
  4. Hi @Dan C, I'm afraid I've had no luck installing the beta version of affinity. Any word on when the update will come out? I'd really like to know when I'll be able to use the correct lens profile.
  5. Use a macro in a batch job, you can watermark images that way if i'm not mistaken.
  6. Hi, I'm new to the forums, but I've been using Affinity Photo professionally for a short time now. I'm wondering if anyone has tried lens correction for the Mavic Air 2 drone's stock camera from DJI. The lens profile says FC3170; however, I've found using the DJI FC2103 & Compatibles correction profile looks much better than the images straight from the lens. Can anyone confirm if FC3170 is compatible with this profile, or if not can someone explain the error of my ways to me?
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