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  1. Hi, Pressing the CTRL key solves the crashing issue thank you all for that suggestion, but now the changes from the nik plugins are not showing up on the image opened in AP. Am I missing some option? Thanks, -Nishit
  2. Same here, I'm seeing the exact same issue.
  3. n_dalia23

    Nik disapears

    Hi, I'm having a similar issue after updating to the latest affinity photo 1.6.6 and the latest version macOS High Sierra 10.13.2. Some of the nik plugins simply disappeared and after dragging the app from the application folder to trash and trying to reinstall affinity photo now I simply cannot access my preferences since its crashes the app right away. My photo editing is pretty much at a stand still without the nik plugins working. I've attached a snapshot of the report it generates. Thanks, -Nishit
  4. Hi Lee, Thanks for the response! First up I feel the raw images are underexposed more than just a little bit on my end and I'm fixing that using curves. But it sure does look like a bug since jpegs of the same look just fine. Thanks, -ND
  5. Hi, After affinity photo 1.5 I'm at least able to process raw images from 5d iv, but the software shows them very underexposed. Am I the only one seeing this? Is there some configuration that needs to enabled? Thanks, -ND
  6. Hi, Is there any news on when affinity will support the raw format of the 5d iv? Thanks, -ND