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  1. Same here, with opencl enabled all stacks and stitching crashes the application...
  2. I had the same password for both i believe. But, I tried now to reset my password and still no luck in the login in AP, and I got this when I tried logging in on the website after changing it... Well, I just did that, reset my password I did one more reset, and this time it worked...
  3. Unable to log in, and if trying to register, that doesn't work either...
  4. Thank you both, @John Rostron and @walt.farrell, for the replies. I haven't quite gotten my bearings around this forum yet. I'll give it a day more, and if I don't get more attention here I'll post in the Feeadback Forum as well.
  5. One of the main incentives for me to buy AP was it's excellent focus-stacking and panorama stitching. But with the sources not being saved into the document make it sort half useless. If I wanted to change anything in a stack at a later point, I would have to start the process all over again. That is a bit (more than) annoying. I can't see any reason why it's not there? Yes the document could potentially become extremely large, but that is easily remedied by a) making it optional, b) having an option to save as references instead of into the actual afphoto document. I sincerely hope
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