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  1. I thought the point was to get away from Adobe! There DNG format is no better than any other and worse if you aren't aware of what the various switches do. Like the inability to recover the original raw file (unless you set it to preserve) when you want to use a program that doesn't accept DNG (apart from Adobe, I can only think of DXO 10) My vote is for optional catalogs and just plain file management like Bridge does. This is a deal breaker for me, i really don't like catalogs but appreciate some do.
  2. How do does one go about stitching multiple photos together to make a panorama? I see Serif have a "Panorama Plus", will this be integrated into Photo?
  3. Thanks TomHH, some good info here!
  4. Bearwood

    Actions in Photo?

    Will Panels be available to be made for the Macro's as well. I am thinking of Tony Kypers Luminosity Mask panel...
  5. OK, so you have to have PS installed with the plugins installed to get them to work in Affinity Photo??