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  1. Hi Jon, Yes, you're right, the issue seems to be related to images. I just changed the pin position for the image on page 144 and this also fixed the problem: But still - I don't think this should happen anyway, right?
  2. Hi Jon, I copied the text from Facebook but I also tried to paste it into Windows Notepad first and then into Publisher, to be sure that there was no strange formating characters. So it was basically plain text. I also tried to delete spaces between the words in Publisher to get rid of any formating and insert them again but it didn't help also.
  3. Hi Jon, Yes, frames are linked in correct order and I remember that there was not such problem some time ago and I wonder if it started to happen because the file is such big - maybe not in size but in page number. And there are many images also. I uploaded the file to the link you gave. However there may be images missing since they are just linked and not embeded into the file itself. The text I showed in the first post is on page 144 and 145. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, Im working on very big document (hundreds of pages) with many images and lately I found an issue with the page break. Let me show you an image: On the left you can see two linked pages with one paragraph of text. On the right - is an original text pasted into Publisher. As you can notice, the highlighted text is not shown in Publisher - it goes out of frame. It looks like page break is done one text line too late. And the was pasted wuthout formatting (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V) so it's not the issue here. I didn't find any similar issue on the forum so I decided to create new thread. Thanks in advance. Publisher version.
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