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  1. Hello @Dan C thank you for your answer. Affinity is plesant to work with, I hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello @Dan C I have been trying to export my works but I still get the faulty export. Any thoughts when this issue can be fixed? Also any ideas regarding the white spots mentioned in the post above? Thank you very much for your time and help.
  3. Hello @Dan C thanks so much for your help. You are amazing! When this issue is fixed, do I need to dowload any app updates or this happens automaticaly? Meanwhile I have discovered another issue, which might be relevant to this one. (If not relevant here, I can start another thread.) Im my works I use short line hatching and I use the pressure control (I need an uneven thickness of the lines). Many of the lines appear not solid, but have these white spots at the starting point (shown on the image). When I open the stroke studio, I see a cluster of pressure nodes at the beginning of the line, that indicates pressure dynamic. When I delete some of them, these white spots disappear. But I am not able to do this manualy, since I have hundreds of short strokes im my image. These white spots appear in every format (on the screen, pixel exports and vector exports). I use iPad and Apple Pencil. Thanks again for your help!
  4. Hello @Dan C, many thanks, that you are willing to look at this issue. File attached. ilustrace kapitola 5.aftemplate
  5. Hello everyone, when I export my drawings and handwritten text in curves format (pdf, eps, svg) I get these "forks" and prolonged lines at some places. These forks and lines are nowhere to be seen on the screen (they are just not there, also no hidden layers) and they are also not there, when I export in jpg, png. I get them only when I export in curves. I need the document in curves but without the extra lines and forks. Here shown at text, but happens also with drawings. Thank you for your help.
  6. One of the simple and quick portraits I draw. I had to start working in curves so I am trying Affinity Designer now.
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