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  1. Top man!!!. I went to studio and it had hide studio ticked, so I unticked it and bang everything was back two seconds, it's great when you know how thank you so much, any advice on a template for a newsletter?. All the best. Chris
  2. My name is Chris Tracey very new to this product I have no IT experience and no publishing experience and I'm trying to produce some charity booklets, when I first got my product I have a few goes and was doing okay-ish, but on my open screen I had lots tools down the left and on the right there was things were changing colours et cetera I have a computer malfunction and all that has disappeared can you advise me how to get it back please. I'm also looking for a template for a newsletter in English and booklet format if possible could you also advise on that. Thank you very much Chris
  3. Hi Bruce I tried that this morning but the image is completely blurred what am I doing wrong?
  4. Thanks Bruce, I'm not a professional or even a good amateur but I think you may have cracked it for me I will give it a shot tomorrow when I have more time. I can't thank you enough Chris
  5. Gentlemen and ladies. I am a newbie not a professional not even a good amateur very old and decrepit I am trying to do a booklet my charity and I would like to put a border around every page whenever I do this when it's folded it's all out of line. Can anyone help me please. Am I the only one that finds the tutorials very confusing as they switch back and forward and go off subject quite boring as well Chris
  6. thank you I am at present using windows but will be transferring stuff to my iPad as I get more proficient thank you for your help Chris
  7. can any one tell me how to completely remove a project that is no longer required I'm new to Affinity and have lots of test projects I want to remove
  8. thanks for your help it's much appreciated SUMMONS_NOVEMBER_INCLUDING_LODGE_OF_SORROW_2020.afpub
  9. Than you for your help I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to all this stuff and am learning as I go so can you tell me how to upload that file I no expert but my option of there tutorial's is pretty grim never been so board in my life looking at them
  10. I used Booklet form as i say it prints perfectly from me laptop and printer but not when I send it as a PDF
  11. Please excuse me I'm not a professional. I'm trying to do a booklet for a charity when I export it to the members in PDF form the first and last page print as A4 size not what may require which is A5 size. Help please
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