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  1. Yesterday, I updated my Affinity's to v1.9, and soon after they finish updating, I can't seem to operate the programs at all, and my computer would slow down to a halt. Even Task Manager is struggling. Before the upgrade, the Affinity programs worked fine. I am not sure what is wrong and what other info I need to provide. Hope someone can shed some light on this. My PC Specs: GTX 1080ti 64 GB ram Intel i7 7700k
  2. Ah dang. Yeah, I kinda guessed that but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks. I've made the feature request. Hopefully they would consider adding this feature.
  3. Hello, I would like to suggest a feature that allows for users to optionally key in the coordinates an Object's Origin Point on the Transform Panel without having the entire Object move. The behaviour of the Origin Point on the Transform Panel is that it would move the entire Object to the new coordinates. That in itself is not a bad feature. It is meant to do that and I understand why and it has a lot of use cases. However, currently, because it moves the entire Object, it would require users to take a couple more steps just to position the Origin of the Object with precision to the area we would want it to be in. The current workaround for me is I would first create a Square, then key in the position of the Square center of the Square using the Transform Panel to the position I want. Then, I select my Object and drag the Origin Point of said Object to the Square's Center while Snapping is enabled. That in itself is a few steps already. I would appreciate it if an option is available for users to key in the coordinates of an Object without having it moving the entire thing if they want to. I am not suggesting to remove the current setup, just an additional feature added to the current one. Thank you for reading.
  4. Right now, my workaround to this is to create a Square and place it in the specific position by keying in the coordinates in the Transform panel. Then, I drag the Origin point of the object I am working on to the Square's nodes/vertice/center/etc, while snapping is enabled. Is there a way I can key in the origin coords of the object I am working on instead of what I am doing now? I notice that if I am editing the Origin point by dragging it, its coords changes on the Transform panel. Then I'd think, maybe with this I can manually key it in. But when I do, it moves the object as a whole, and not just the transform coords. I understand that this is indeed its use case. But I would love to be able to have an option to edit the Origin of an object without actually moving the object just yet.
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