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    Loyalty Is Key reacted to DWright in Affinity Photo Becomes Unresponsive After Using Perspective Tool   
    in the Performance section of Affinity Photo Preferences change the Retina Renderer to your GeForce GTX 1650 rather than the Default option and also turn off the OpenCL  compute acceleration
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    Loyalty Is Key reacted to Caran in Updated to 1.9 and now All Affinity apps crash when I try to print.   
    Since I updated to version 1.9 (this morning) I am unable to print anything on any of the Affinity apps. The program crashes as soon as I select File--> Print.  I don't even make it to a print dialog box. 
     No, I don't have any artboards.  Just very simple content.  I have updated Windows, and made sure my Dell laptop could handle the Affinity programs.  I am at my wits end and think I wasted a lot of money on this Suite.
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