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  1. Greetings, I was unable to reproduce a color with my eyedropper tool. I tried several times and the blue was the only color that AD eyedropper tool had an issue with. The darker shade of blue is the blue that I asked the eyedropper tool to reproduce and what I got is the lighter shade color beneath each and every time upon multiple attempts. I have included a file and note all other shapes and colors have been reproduce except darker shade of blue. Please assist.
  2. This is regarding importing multiple (svg/eps/pdf/ai/png/jpg/gif/etc) files into the assets panel. The software instructions you gave I am aware of. These on the previous thread don't import. I know Affinity does not support eps files but the rest should.
  3. Agreed most of the assets in the assets panel are of little significant use to me. Importing my own would seem natural given that there is a feature in the new update. Does any one have some instructions on importing assets?
  4. Correctly installed. I accomplished this with all the help. I may have overlooked the original wording. These brushes are all native now. Question about that import solution offered by Frozen Death Knight (Funny name). As I am Ex-Photoshop user, regarding brush files to AD. Can AD only accept only files for Affinity Designer or can brush files be used marketed for other software? Thanks!
  5. Can any one answer how to install the textures that come with Affinity designer upon purchase? Thanks
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