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  1. Ah cool. I'm a shortcut person, so I didn't notice there were to text tools. doesn't work in artistic text tool. that just adds letters to the text. at least in frame text I can click outside the canvas to exit it.
  2. Using the text tool, when I want to change the text box, change the width, is the letters supposed to stretch with it? How can I change the text box without it affecting the letters? and is it possible to deselect the text tool without having to click on another layer?
  3. Trying to export to PSD. I click the export button, it closes. But I can't find the PSD file anywhere. Also, I tried saving as EPS. Is it supposed that the letters from the text gets placed in separately layers? A file with 10 letters gets 10 layers. one for each letter.
  4. Hola Meb. distortion tool … Talking about designer. isn't this kind of basic tools that should be implemented in the start? I'm new to vector design, but I have used distortion tool in photoshop for quite some time. Any suggestions to how to make an distorted rectangle with the right proportions then? Think of a wall, seen from the side. :) I made it work 1/10 times using the pen tool on a rectangle made by the rectangle tool. I'm a newbie here, so perhaps I am missing something?
  5. This happens when I use the color picker to pick the BG color. There aren't any ways to copy the color code? so I can paste it. like in photoshop. It's feels a bit 1994 to have to memorize the color code …
  6. Why does the gradient change the color? see screenie. the color of the sphere should have the same color as the bg.
  7. Not sure I would put this in the bug section, but I feel that this isn't intended. When I was playing with the cog tool, and changed the parameters. inner radius, hole radius etc. I noticed that when I used the slider, the history state saved every change I made. For example if I used the slider to go from 0% to 100%, it would save every percentage in the history panel. 1%, 2%, 3% and so on. So When I want to undo that, I either have to press undo 100+ times, or drag the undo slider way back and eye ball it where it was. This is quite annoying. And I guess it has an impact on th
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