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  1. Hi @Callum I have permission from the content owner. Happy to send you the file if you send me the DropBox link. Best, Kay
  2. Hi, My D drive (HDD) is internal. I moved the file to my C drive (SSD) and still suffer the same problem. The file includes embargoed work. I'd be happy to upload it onto the forum after the embargoed date and if I can get permission from content owner.
  3. Hi Walt, Its 346 MB (363,740,573 bytes) Slightly large because I've old artwork in the files. I have a couple of files at a larger size and they open ok. Best, Kay
  4. Hi, I was working on a file last night. Tried opening it today and I received the message 'This file type is not supported'. I have no idea how to fix it. I can recreate the artwork but do I have to start worrying now about work randomly becoming inaccessible? I encountered this problem a while back after a software update, which Affinity fixed after a few weeks. So I'm surprised to see it occurring again. Is anyone else suffering the same problem? Kay
  5. I have the same problem. When can we expect the beta version out as a full release? Asking as we can't install betas on our work laptops.
  6. Solved my own query. Under Prefrences > Performance I switched Retina Rendering from 'Automatic (Best)' to 'High quilaty (slowest)' and that has restored smooth rendering.
  7. Hello, After upgrading my system from 3rd gen Intel i7 and GeForce 640M to 10th gen i7 and GeForce 2070M, I’ve noticed all three Affinity apps take aprrox half a second to render any action. For example, when I zoom into a Publisher document the text on screen takes a few nanoseconds go from pixilated to sharp. Changes made to any of the Effects take the longest to render. I have the latest drivers installed and this was never an issue on my old system. This problem occurs whither the apps are using the integrated on-baord graphics or the GPU. Does anyone know how I can restore smooth, real-time rendering? Kay
  8. Yaaaas! This has fixed the issue! Thanks @Gabe and @Lagarto for all your help and speedy responses. Regards, Kay
  9. Agree, strange indeed. Even removing pages 4 and 5 the file is still 39mb which is too large for a doc with less than 10 pages. @GabeThe .afpub file is attached. Kay mk2.afpub
  10. Hi Lagarto, I replicated the issue you identified. Removing the blue shapes reduced the file size, but only by a bit. Strangely, when I painstakingly copy and pasted all of the layers onto a new blank document, the problem had disappeared and the exported file size was normal again. I wish the was a way to check, i.e. via the preflight check, which layers could cause exported file sizes to balloon.
  11. It happens if I export just parts of the document. However, I've just spotted something. I think it's to do with Colour space set at RGB. When I exported document as 'Press ready, colour space at CMYK', it exports fine. When I exported document at 'Digital - High quality, colour space at RGB', it exports massively at 102mb. If I then export document at 'Digital - High quality, colour space at CYMK' it exports fine. I've attached the 3 files. What is it about Colour space at RGB that's making this document export at large sizes? All my other documents print fine with RGB? mk2_Press_ready_300dpi_CMTK.pdf mk2_Print_high_quality_300dpi_CMYK.pdf mk2_Print_high_quality_300dpi_RGB.pdf
  12. Hi Lagarto, Yes, the text exports as text. I can select and copy it from a PDF and paste it into a word doc. In the Exports option panel, under Rasterize if I select the 'Nothing' then the file size is reduced back to a manageable size. However the file doesn't match my original design. All other non-affected files are selected to only rasterize 'Unsupported properties' only, and they export fine. So I wonder what has happened to the text in this fles to make them export so massively? Also, when I delete all text boxes and export the file with just the images, it exports fine and the size is manageable. So it problem has to be with the text.
  13. Update: If I remove all images, and just leave in text. The file size is still 90mb+ What is causing the file size to inflate, and can I deflate it back to normal?
  14. Hi, On three occasions recently the file sizes of new pdfs created from old Affinity Publisher were massive. By ‘old’ I mean files which I’ve not worked on for a few months. This problem happens which I open and old file and make a few changes. The changes aren’t drastic, just a couple of photos or images added/removed our chapters swapped around. A doc which used to export to 4mb at 300 dpi and JPEG compression at 80% now exports at 102mb! Even when set to 192 dpi the file exports at 46mb. No matter how much I play around with the export settings I can’t resolve this issue. My only work-around is to open a new file and copy and paste the layers over. Is this a bug?
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