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  1. I'm a software developer using Affinity Designer for making svg venue plans and would love to have some more power over the exporting process. The application I'm exporting things for is completely web based and after exporting 800 slices of the plan I've to edit them to make our code understand how to use it (add classes on some paths for dynamic coloring and javascript interaction for example). Currently I've got this in a seperate tool but I think having the power of some basic "scripting" can improve the workflow for a lot of people who do mass exports and then have to change the exported files. This will also help with the "continuous export" flow since my tool doesn't have to keep looking for changes in those files. The way I see this is being able to select an "After export script" for the SVG option which will run after Designer has exported a new item. It will pipe the exported file to the script which will alter the file and then return it back to Designer to actually write the file. Whether the script file is an actual programming language like Python or Javascript or is using a GUI which allows for just some XPath (wikipedia) would not matter to me personally.
  2. This is something that would add a lot to Affinity in my opinion. Laptops with touchscreens are readily available and it seems weird to me that even MS Office has better support for it touchscreens than drawing software with a pen.
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