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  1. Before I begin...the image does not show my tool/cursor because I have to select (using my mouse) the area to screenshot w/snipping tool. Blur brush tool is selected and when my cursor is on the image there is a clear circle. I try to swipe/brush/move the tool (left mouse button clicked and held) over the area I wish to blur. Nothing happens.
  2. Yes...I've experienced the same issue with the selection brush. How can that be the issue when the same thing has occurred? At least you didn't mention pixel layer"...that seems to be a favorite bit of advice that is not the issue (as my layer is rasterised). I feel like I'm losing my mind... Even the simplest functions...no matter how many times I try...and nothing works right. Frustrated beyond belief.
  3. google is your friend. I now have access to my snipping tool. see screenshots
  4. tried that but, nothing happened...at all...when I was doing the crown. I'll try again
  5. the selection tool brush...used to be a squiggly line and stretched out as you outlined. now, just a straight line of marching ants. I can no longer screenshot since stupid dropbox or I would have...
  6. nope...acting insane...selection brush is completely different this time, too. still removed the actual image. which layer for copying didn't matter...didn't even get that far.... something is wrong...this was easy enough to do before...I just wanted to practice tracing ugh...
  7. that makes sense...I'll check it out. see if I can find an easier image to trace this time...that crown was a pain. THANKS!
  8. tried that... I copy/pasted a white square, no crown.
  9. Ok...What am I doing wrong here? I'm trying to learn...so this is practice. Trying to remove crown from its background and paste on the green background...
  10. How do I change the color of that white magical spirally thing? I've tried everything I can find...still white
  11. I have a lot of layers that I own... Can they be uploaded into AP?
  12. Hello, I have a lot of fonts that I have downloaded... Can I upload them into AP?
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