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  1. That will definitely get me where I need to go! Thanks @GarryP for sharing that tip! /tends to overuse exclamation points when feeling enthusiastic.
  2. New to Designer here. When I close a work-in-progress file in Designer, is there a way to save the current zoom state to the file so when I reopen it to continue working, the same area is zoomed at the same ratio? Thanks for any help. Designer v1.8.3 Win10Pro v1909 64-bit Wacom CTH-661
  3. Hi @Dan C Just noting here for anyone else searching that with my older Wacom Bamboo Fun CTH-661 using Wacom driver (the latest driver for this particular tablet) on Win10Pro v1909, there was no pen pressure sensitivity in Affinity Designer 1.8.3 vector brushes until I read your tip about the Controller setting. I've spent a couple of days rooting through forum threads, but your comment was the first one that got the pen pressure to work, so thanks for that. Is there a general Designer "Troubleshooting" thread I may have overlooked where all these tips are stored? Also, turning of
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