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  1. Hey all, thank you for the confirmation! The renderings of the grid in some zoom levels are still incorrect
  2. Hi DM1, if you look really close, than you can see that isnt snapped perfectly. Also you disabled the "Snap to grid" option.
  3. Of course, Great Idee. Here you go grid snap problem.afdesign
  4. Hi Alfred, your Solution works Form my Windows Version, but unfortunatly Not For my iPad App... same issue
  5. Hello, I have a problem with perfect snapping with an isometric grid. As you can see in the first picture, it doesnt snap perfectly. My settings are in pictures 2 and 3. It also doesnt work with the option "force pixel alignment" toggled off 😞 Can anybody help me please? Greetings Fabian
  6. Hi Garry, thank you very much! That's what i'm looking for 🙂 The trick is: Dont group the shapes, instead convert the shapes into curves and then select the corner nodes (2 lay on each other in each corner) and move them. Greets Fabian
  7. Hello, i've created 4 triangles with different colors and grouped them (left object). Now i want to move the left lower corner, like i moved the node in the right object. The problem is, that i cant convert this group of triangles into one shape and therefore i cant select the "group node" (just the individual tirangles nodes). Is there a solution? Thank you very much! Fabian
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