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  1. Capture One and Photoshop write separate external files for setting, Jim, they're just a few kilobytes and store all RAW adjustment settings - the RAW file isn't altered, the saved settings are automatically loaded to a previously worked on RAW file when it's opened. It should allow, when processing a RAW file, to load the 'previously used settings' to a new file too - which would be useful. I agree, Peter, I find it more useful to process RAWs but painfully slow when having to work with hundreds of images individually. Until batch processing comes in I'll use it for personal work that isn't as intensive.
  2. "the lack of a progress bar for operations such as opening a file leaves the user wondering what is happening." This.
  3. Been testing out AP for a couple of days now and there's a lot to love about it, especially for €40. Really like the way it processes RAW files, it's almost as good as Capture One and better than Photoshop. As a wedding photographer I can easily shoot thousands of images per day, which I narrow down to a couple of hundred. While I really like using AP, at the moment it's workflow is too slow - I know you have batch processing in the pipeline and that's eagerly awaited. What I'd ideally like is to be able to quickly see all files in a folder displayed on a scrollable dashboard, then by clicking on one to be able to see that larger and faff about with what adjustments I feel are necessary. Then to be able to click and copy ALL those adjustments, then click select similar images and apply those settings to those files. That would save me hours - which is where I'm losing time with AP at the moment. Obviously, I'd love to be able to batch output all these files together, rather than individually. It means i can work during the day making adjustments and output overnight or when I'm out on another shoot. Secondly, if i process a RAW file and save those adjustment settings- brightness/contrast/shadow/etc - as a preset why doesn't it also save adjustments to the colour temp? While I'm not sure of the advantage of saving separate presets for Basics, Lens, Details, Tones and Overlays over saving a preset with all those adjustments included - it means if i want to use the same settings of all those I have to create 5 presets and do 5 things where doing just one should be an option. It's not a big deal, but it would be nice to have as an option whether or not to collate multiple adjustment types as one preset. Lastly, for now anyway, once I process a RAW file I can export it as a TIFF. However, if I reopen that RAW file again it opens with its default camera settings and all my adjustments aren't to be found. I know Capture One and Photoshop open RAW files in the amended state with all the last adjustments displayed. Perhaps there's some way of view this, but I'm damned if i can find it. Aside from those quibbles I think you've done a massive job very well indeed. Mike.
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