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    Taking amazing photos. Having memories last a lifetime.

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  1. How would I go about stacking these photos. What is the difference between Focus merge and stacking. I am trying to learn how to make gigapixel photos.
  2. Oh sorry I tried including photo with ruler to show the size I am getting. It is little more than 5 1/2" and 8"
  3. I am using a 8.5x11 photo paper and would like to print two 5x7" photos.
  4. I set the size to be 5x7" in the rectangle. So when I print using a 8.5x11 to make two 5x7" photos.
  5. I have weird issue where I set the size to 5x7 in but when printed it is not 5x7 in. size issue.afpub IMG_1448.HEIC
  6. I will would be awesome to have Affinity photo or entire new app built to stitch 360 photos together. With the rise in virtual tours it seams it would be a smart move.
  7. I keep getting an error when using the extension in photo.app. I am using Affinity photo 1.8.3 on Macbook pro 10.15.6. Also I have attached screen shots to help with figuring out this bug. Also Note I have purchased the App Store I bought it directly from your website. If that matters.
  8. Does any of your Software support stitching together 360 photos? If not it would be great add on or great standalone software.
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