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  1. Thanks for your help everyone. The more I use Publisher, the more I realise it's limitations. I bought Publisher to do Book Layouts for my clients and myself. I moved them manually as it was 250 pages. I will set up text frame in Master Pages next time to see if that helps. I love the community here. Thanks every one!
  2. When I change the margins of the master pages of the entire document, my text does remains in the same position and does not sit within the margins. How do I resolve this issue? Screen_Recording_2020-12-21_at_13_41_54.mov
  3. When I add in a blank page/s, the margins of my document are offset. Any idea how to resolve this? What am I doing wrong? I don't seem to have this issue with Indesign. Screen_Recording_2020-12-21_at_13_43_28.mov
  4. Hi Twolane, Thanks for reaching out. I will be adding in more masters pages later. I was just stuck at this stage and only started with the layout. I usually only have 2-3 master pages in Indesign. Thanks for the tip! I guess there is a learning curve here for me coming from Indesign, which is a little more intuitive. Perhaps there are some bugs here, perhaps I just need to learn more.
  5. You were correct Walt. It had something to do with "combination of your widows and orphans settings, and your keep together settings." I unticked those boxes and it worked. I find that odd, as I would have thought that turning those ON would prevent what was happening to me. Thanks for reaching out and supporting!
  6. Hi Walt, Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it. I am attaching a sample file, if you are able to have a look for me?
  7. I am trying to do the layout of a book. I easily do this in Indesign without any problem. However, I am noticing that in Affinity Publisher, there is a blank line at the end of page on some pages, but not on others. I have attached a video that shows you what I am talking about here. You will see some pages have text that fill the page, but some pages leave an extra line space at the bottom. I have tried to press delete or fn delete to backspace, but that is of no help. The software just skips the last line and places the text on a new page. I do not know what the extra line is. How do I fix this? Screen_Recording_2020-12-20_at_23_08_46.mov
  8. Is it possible to turn this box into a circle?
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