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  1. Hello lads, Found another bug on Designer Seems that mask on an image that is grouped into Symbol sometimes doesn't sync with each other and even jumps out of the artboard and resized randomly?. Please check the video & sample file. Hope this will be fixed fast. Many thanks Mask_in_Symbol_Bug.avi Charms_-_Star.afdesign
  2. Hello lads, seems like a bug with grouping on latest Texts that use frame text tool will have its font size changed/reduced if it's grouped with other object/curves/group. Text using Artistic text tool behave normally. I don't think the previous 1.8.5 have this bug so this could be new. Attached a sample video and the Affinity file. My system is Lenovo Y700-15isk i7 6700 GTX970M, Windows 10, updated from 1.8.5 (not clean install). Thanks all. Hope it'll be shorted shortly since workaround took considerable amount of time. Fonts_smaller_on_Grouping.avi Font
  3. Can confirm it's still happening on, here in my sample video the bug occurs when text and curves is grouped. Also sample Affinity file attached. hopefully next patch come in shortly, it's a pain to sort it all out manually. Fonts_smaller_on_Grouping.avi Font Smaller on Grouping Sample.afdesign
  4. OK i'm probably just being silly, I just discovered that on this 1.9 (based on the prev attached video) it seems that hiding Symbol (the symbol itself, not the group/ objects within it) will automatically hides other symbol that attached to it. I always thought that hide/show symbol is treated as individual setting of the selected symbol rather than collective setting of all attached symbol. Is this how it always worked and I'm just having alzheimer moment?
  5. Seems 1.9 have some new bugs. One of them is a glitch on hiding object/layer where it seems to affect multiple object/layer that's not selected even on different artboard. Here's a sample vid of the bug There are lots of weird stuff as well like mask within a group in symbol sometimes jumps across the artboard when the symbol is inserted to other artboard or one of the object inside it is moved (I tried to replicate it in this video at 0:18 mark but it's not happening, so just ignore this part) I'm gonna jump out of this 1.9 ship and go back to 1.8, hopefully other people can post pr
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