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  1. All true, but every time I try to apply MANUAL control to the scan... Affinity CRASHES. ! ---->???
  2. Thanks Blende21 for the reply... Scanning is so basic for graphic artists, I am SO surprised to (newcomer) immediately run into scanning issues with Affinity. Seems they should have scanner interfacing a HIGH priority in the early building of the software. ---- Your suggestion to just do generic scanning (without such things as scaling, res., target size, etc., etc.) and then use Affinity to alter/customize is just not a practical process for full image capturing parameters, especially for folks on deadlines, etc. --- I'll keep waiting to hear what the Affinity Tech folks suggest (hopefully they have an update/fix). If not, well... I guess the wind is out of the sail for me regarding an affinity for Affinity..... sigh, back to the long tried 'n true, and pricey, PS . I'd like to convert, maybe Serif will restore my faith. -?
  3. I had hoped that Epson had an updated (64-bit) scanner driver for my older Epson (32 bit), but no... The TWAIN software in my Epson was great, and fully featured of course. Reckon they want you to buy a new scanner. - I've thus tried the resident scanning software in the Mac OS... "Image Capture". Very skeletal... I couldn't even find a way to scale (%) and image when scanning. All seems to go well in the interface when using the MANUAL adjustments..... until you hit that "SCAN" button.....!@&%$#! CRASH !! Ridiculous. ----- Does Affinity have tech. support answering our questions?, I'm still awaiting a reply to this conundrum. All the best
  4. p.s. the scanner will scan an image into Affinity successfully IF (and only IF) you do not try to customize the scan. So, the 32-bit Epson scanner CAN scan an image into Affinity..... why does it crash the moment I try to manually customize resolution, brightness & contrast, etc. ?
  5. I'm running OS Catalina, using an Epson V500 scanner: When trying to scan in Affinity, any attempt to customize the scan --->. Acquire image/ image correction/manual........ boom, Affinity crashes. Tried a numbest of times, constant crashing. Thanks for any suggestions. ------------ *(is this a 64 bit not liking 32-bit machines that I have read about?)
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