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  1. Solved it! Thank you for the hint! I reseted the user settings (when pressing and holding strg (/ctrl) while starting Affinity, it shows options on which settings to reset) - of course after exporting macros and settings for afterwards. After that the default category was gone, and after importing macros I was able to use them for a batch job.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. Yes, it´s both activated (see my screenshot, bottom right), and there are already some macros saved.
  3. Hi dear community, I hope someone can help me: I want to try batch processing for some jpg pictures in Affinity (photo persona). I worked a little bit with macros before and a saved some simple ones in the library (default), all working on jpeg. When opening the dialog "new batch job" the space where I´m supposed to choose the macros I want to use is empty ("available macros" as well as the space below that). What am I doing wrong? I am using the newest version 1.8.3 on Windows. Thanks a lot in advance for your support! Miriam
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