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  1. Hi anon2 Thanks a lot for your hint! I hope many more people will complain about this to increase the pressure for the development team to fix this disastrous bug. I need this sort of mask very often for my photo retouching. I really want to prefer the Affinity software. But as long as this bug remains, I cannot quit Photoshop and switch to Affinity Photo, sadly.
  2. Hi walt.farrell, Thank you for your great explanation. Now, I understand its real function. I will post my wish in the 'Feature Requests & Suggestions' forum, then.
  3. Dear Affinity service team, If a mask has greyscales/gradients, adjustment layers don't adjust the brightness of the colour in a correct manner (my OS: Windows 7). Here an example screenshot: For comparison, I reproduced the same file in Adobe Photoshop, where the result is fine: The mask itself looks like this:
  4. Dear Affinity service team, If I try to choose 'Document Setup' > 'Colour' > 'Assign', it always changes back to 'Convert'. This is very problematic, because I sometimes have to place PDF files with ICC-profils deviating from the ICC-profil of my Publisher document. In this case, the CMYK colour values will change. For example, a 100 % black will change into a combination of all four CMYK colours. This way, I cannot use my Publisher document for the print. It would be very useful, if Publisher would ask me every time when I place a file if I want to assign or to convert the colours. It makes sense because every placed file has to be handled differently. OS: Windows 7
  5. Hello Chris B, Thank you for your answer, I hope this feature will be included in version 2. Would it be useful for the Affinity developer team if I post my opening text in the 'Feature Requests & Suggestions' forum instead?
  6. Dear Affinity service team, I've got a PDF by an editorial office of a newspaper. The fonts in this PDF are embedded (they are not converted into paths). If I open this PDF in Affinity Photo, I don't get the original fonts of the PDF document but replacement fonts. Sometimes, I have to convert a PDF into a pixel image. It's very important, that the embedded fonts remain im my pixel image. If I open this PDF in Adobe Photoshop instead, I got the original fonts of the PDF. This shows me, that it is possible to maintain the embedded fonts. OS: Windows 7
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